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Welcome to The Scrammble Games Official Site
A Community Education Program
Sponsored by Community Organizations & Volunteers
Play Free Educational Games Scroll Slowly to the Bottom

Scrammble Tournament Calculators
Donated by Citibank

2010 Fall Scrammble Tournament on Nov. 28, Reis Park See Flyer
See 2010 Contributors of Prizes to Scrammble Tournament Below

Scrammble Game Show Schedule: Cablevision - Westchester, Saturdays Ch 15, 8pm, Ch 74, 8:30pm & Thursdays Ch 76, 7:30pm. Comcast - Putnam County Wednesdays, 5:30pm.

What An Exciting Week of Feb 14

KonShiFaTsai Wish you a prosperous New Year
Let the Cupid Do the Magic - Express Your Love
Go to the Grand Opening of NY Toy Fair - Have Fun
Dr. Wordman, Editor David, Scrammble Game Show Host and Tournament Advisors visited the NY Toy Fair.
See their discoveries of great games and toys!!!

Here is the hot, from the press, Photo Gallary of the NY Toy Fair -Meet creators of the New Games!

The 2009 Tournament Results Are Here

  • Highest Total Score: Jemmin, Mathew and Paolo

  • Highest Number of  Words Made: Mathew, Paolo and Jemmin

  • Longest Word Made without Wild Card, THERMOSTAT: Jerray

  • Longest Word Made with Wild Card, REVELATIONS: Noah

  • Highest Single Word Score without Wild Card, PIQUES: Jemmin

  • Highest Single Word Score with Wild Card, HAZELNUT: Noah

  • All Winners were presented with Prizes donated by Game and Toy Producers

2009 Winter Scrammble/Scrabble Joint Tournament Was Held
on November 29, Sunday at Somers Reis Park Library, NY State
2009 Summer Scrammble Tournament Was Held
on August 28 with Warm-up Game on 8/21
Cablevision Studio, 2013 Crompound Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Register to Play Next Tournament - Coming Soon
Details on Past Tournament Registration Form

Survey on Interest of Scrammble and Scrabble (R) Tournament
Click Here to take survey


  • Many players are high ranking Scrabble players from Tri-states

  • Over thirty prizes of games and toys for winners and players

  • Tournament conducted in TV studio for broadcast and DVD

  • Classic hardcopy books from Reader's Digest also as prizes

  • Prize list click here

Previous Organizing Committee Reports

First 2009 Joint Scrabble/Scrammble Tournament was held on 4/8/09 at Somers Library with a warm-up mini tournament on 3/20/09 at Cablevision Studio, Yorktown Heights, NY

Tournament Prizes and Contributions see below and tournament results emailed

To contribute products for the Scrammble Tournaments, Please Contact and Use Contributor Form  2009 Contributed Prizes

Thank you and hug for Volunteers (Judges, Assistants & Coaches), To volunteer please write

Joint Scrammble/Scrabble Tournament - Winter Event
Completed  Dec. 29-30/2008 • Somers & Mahopac, New York Tournament Results

Support of the National School Scrabble Program 
Two new games, Scrammble LetterSoup (TM) and Scrammble VocabUp (TM), were introduced on 5/23/08 via Scrammble TV to aid NSSPA contestants to practice winning strategy and building up vocabulary. Local schools are encouraged to participate in the NSSP and hold after school programs or clubs to develop skilled players. The above games will be donated to school for the after school programs. Dr. Wordman currently volunteers to conduct the afterschool program at Somers Intermediate School and Mahopac Fulmar Elementary School. Comparison with Scrabble.

David's 2009 NY Toy Fair Snap Review (07) (08)  (09)

Sample Results of Previous Tournaments
Billboard of Winners & Challengers of '08 Scrammble Tournament
Billboard of Winners & Challengers of '07 Scrammble Tournament

Games and Toys Contributed by Inventors and Exhibitors from the  2009 NY Toy Fair for 2009 Scrammble Tournaments are shown below &click to see Prizes from Past Contributors & Donors for 2008 and for 2007 and 2006

To contribute products for the Scrammble Tournament, Please Contact and Use Contributor Form

Press Article and Video on Scrammble Tournament: Article I(Scrammble for Fun in Mahopac by Ashley Tarr, the Journal News), Article II (Students Exercise Their Brains over Scrammble by Bill Hughes and Video, unfortunately no simple search to get this video over 2000 pieces)
YouTube Video Excerpt - Scrammble Word Games Available

Introduction to Two Major Scrammble Game Programs

Scrammble Game TV Show
Nickname: Dr. Wordman Show

Scrammble Game Tournament
Annual Prize Competition

Dr. Wordman

Dr. Wordman conducts Scrammble Games on TV. Players can play on the show as individual, family, and teams such as boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts.
Dr. Wordman also interviews celebrity, public officials, professionals, candidates for public offices  to inform the public - community citizens.
Join the fun filled tournaments to win prizes. Tournaments may be conducted in TV studio and aired in Scrammble Game Show schedule: Cablevision - Westchester, Saturdays Ch 15, 8pm, Ch 74, 8:30pm &
Thursdays Ch 76, 7:30pm.
Comcast - Putnam County Wednesdays, 5:30pm.


  • Weekly Cablevision and Comcast Public Channels in Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York State. Sample Schedule (for current schedule check your Cable schedule)
  • Production at Cablevision Yorktown Studio, Rts 202&118, Fridays 4-7PM or alternative schedule 

  • Game/Toy inventors and producer welcome to appear as guest on the show
  • Form for contributors to make a donation

  • Next Tournament Is Coming - School Winter Recess, Spring and Summer Recesses Old Flyer
  • Register Early to Get on Mailing List
  • Sponsors and Contributors Welcome Form for contributors to make a donation  Good Games and Toys as Tournament Prizes are especially welcome
  • Tournament shall recommend inventor/producer of  popular games/toys to appear on Scrammble Game Show  
  • Volunteers Needed for Judges and Tournament Staff
  • Theme of Scrammble Game Show

    A.     Learning Scrammble Games (Scrammble Word, Scrammble Bingo [studio audience may participate], Scrammble Bridge, Scrammble Board, Scrammble Crossword, Scrammble Hangman, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Solitaire, Scrammble War, Scrammble Go-Fish, Scrammble Charade, Scrammble Snap, Scrammble War ....)
    Playing Scrammble Games with Classmates, Family, Peers, Educators, Game Inventors, Celebrities (for example, Dr. Wordman Challenges Mr. David Letterman) or Winners of  Scrammble Tournaments
    Friendly Competition among individuals, family teams, school teams, Scrammble Club teams, church teams, community teams and tournament teams
    D.    Interviews of celebrities, educators, public servants and anyone who are interested in Education, Scrammble Games, Scrammble Tournament and enhancing children's learning
    E.    Relaxed atmosphere in a professional TV studio environment for fun and learning.

    Theme of Scrammble Game Tournament

    A.     Playing Scrammble Games (from basic Scrammble Word to other Scrammble word games ( Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Board, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble War....etc)
    Playing as individual, family team and/or student team in all ages. Win divisional champion and prizes
    Serious but Friendly Competition among friends, family members, class and school mates, scouts, and clubs (for example, Lions Club vs Rotary Club)
    D.    Stimulating and developing long-lasting good learning habits for children and families through fun games and community events like the Scrammble Tournaments, workshops and TV shows.
    E.    Through voluntary effort and corporate citizen support to develop effective complimentary educational programs for communities and schools. 
    F. Engaging schools and communities to develop joint programs to explore the Make-A-Game pedagogy (for example Somers Intermediate School Word Puzzle)

    TV Show Request/Release Form

    Tournament Registration form

    Suggestions and Proposals for the Show Are Welcome!
    Music Talent, Martial Artist, Scouts, Orchestra, Game Inventor and Craft Artist have been on the show!
    You as a Community Resident Is Entitled to Request Public Channel Broadcasting of This Show to Your Community! Simply call your Cable Company to fill out a request form!

    Sponsors and Donations for the Tournament and TV Show Are Welcome and Acknowledged in the Tournament & TV Show and this Website!
    Schools may request Tournament to be held at school premises!
    Volunteers Are Welcome to Be Staff and Judges of the Tournament!

    All The News Fit To Post At Scrammble.US
    Don't Forget to Play the Free Educational Games Collected at the Bottom of the Page

    Official Scrammble Games Web Site

    Scrammble Chinese Word Game Prototyped
    Scrammble Game Show Sponsored Learning Chinese Language by Playing Games
    Chinese Language Studies Conducted in TV Studio - DVD Available Now
    Participants Are Able to Speak Chinese after 8 TV Game Sessions
    For Public Channel Broadcast Schedule and Enrollment in Next Program Write

    Scrammble TLC Bridge Game Introduced
    Scrammble Crossword Game Introduced

    Aune Mitchell and Matthew Silver Won National School Scrabble Tournament
    Aune Mitchell Received Prizes from 2007 Scrammble Game Tournament
    Scrammble Crossword Game Introduced on the Scrammble Game Show with Aune and Matthew as Participants (See Press Article)

    Scrammble Game TV Show

    Scrammble Game Show & Workshops has its weekly broadcasting on CABLEVISION public channel throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties. 6:30-7:30PM, Wednesdays (Yorktown-Mahopac-Somers-N. Salem Area (Channel 74), Saturdays (Chappaqua-Ossining-Peekskill Area), and 6:00-7:00PM Wednesdays (Pelham-New Rochelle Area), Mahopac-Brewster-Carmel Area on Comcast public Channel.

    After School Scrammble Playshop & Clubs

    • Check with your local library, PTA, Parks & Recreation and Local Schools for After School Program

    • Heritages Hills Scrammble Club Wednesdays 1-2PM at Heritage Activity Center

    Sharpen Your Scrammble Skills with Scrammble Puzzles

    SIS Scrammble Puzzle

    Visit for more information on Scrammble Games

    Past Scrammble Tournament Results
    Results of 2006 Teacher's Week Scrammble Tournament (Winners and Awards)
    Press Article on Scrammble Tournament

    Public Events Related to Scrammble
    Holiday Greetings & Invitation To A Fun Party (expired)
    News Report on 2008 NY Toy Fair & 2007NYToyFair News

    History and Archive on Scrammble 

    This game web site is the official web site for Scrammble Tournament and Scrammble Game Show. Thanks to the community donors and contributors for sponsoring this program. Scrammble Games are created by game inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang. Scrammble Games are part of the Headutainment Games (TM) that stimulate brain health, induce education/learning and provide entertainment. The following links are archived information about Scrammble Games, Tournament, TV Show and benefits of playing brain stimulating games:

    Sponsors and Contributors of Scrammble Tournaments & Shows


    2010 Contributed Prizes for Scrammble Tournaments and TV Show


    332 Route 100 N, Somers, N. Y. 10589

    Reader's Digest
    Mount Kisco, New York, 
    A Collection of books donated, Katonah, N.Y.

    Northern Westchester & Putnam Teacher Center
    200 BOCCES Dr. Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598   

    668 Route 6, Mahopac, N. Y. 10541

    Medical World Search
    POB 944, Maple Hill, Yorktown Hts, N.Y.

    Dr. Wordman Games, Yorktown Heights, NY

    TLC Information Services

    YouTube Display
    Engineered magnetic dots as a creative construction toy

    Seven sided color blocks for endless possibilities

    Play with buzzling bee to spell words on a board game


    Fun and competitive strategy game see YouTube demo


    Michael Richie, Game Developer, San Diego, CA, Texas

    Strategy board game with Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Elements. 2010 new game donated Seven Card Samura

    Julie (teacher) & Karl Archer created a new word game with an element of excitement - Jumbulaya!

    Path and Con6 Two challenging games

    Sagit & Avraham Inventors & founders of  demoed their games on Scrammble Game TV Show to Kids. 

    Jason Ivan, Inventor/CEO,
    Magnetic tiles can be flipped allowing a variety of board games to be built and played

    Many great games especially Take It Easy will be introduced as 'Stringo' by Rick Soued and distributed by

    A fun teen party game by

    Bananagrams is A Scrabble-like game without the board.

    Pens are not just for writing from

    Michael Weinstein & Joey Breslow,
    Memory card games with a twist and a double twist, a great family game.

    Meike de Haas, eco-friendly card board product

    Darcy Morris, Gab

    A language art learning game

    Jonathan Stapleton, inventor,

    One-of-A-Kind Pattern Puzzle - Band Its

      Kristin Looney, - FLUXX

    A card game with ever-changing rules

    Murry Heasman, Tailten Games, donated some colorful jigsaw puzzles and promised sending the Tera

    Rossana Gelpi-Houck,
    Stichopoly - a board game about stiches.

    A fast paced strategy board game seemingly simple but ..., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Pywacket, LLC, Cromlet is a game that will draw you in deeper and deeper

    Frank Crossen, President,

    Exact Change - an educational game about money & math

    Adam Kornblum, CEO,, A credit card board game named Charge Large

    Greg Hughes, Founder,

    A Dice Game based on the 'Coal' story over the North Pole

    Dr. Wordman's Power Dice (Math Dice Game)
    Dr. Wordman's Magic Number Game - Battle of the Warriors - {99} vs {100}(Math Board Game)
    Dr. Wordman's Noodlewar (Dice Game)
    Dr. Wordman's Marblewits (Marble Game)

    Dr. Wordman,

    Arthur Saves The Planet -


    Mostaix, Mosaic Art

    More Contributions to come

    Kelly & Denise Bossard,

    Er-u-di-tion jump-starts the road to reading

    More Contributions Welcome

    Please Use Contributor Form

    Anonymous Contributors

      So we may post your information accurately


    We thank our contributors for donating the above games and toys as prizes for our Tournaments
    We Also Thank the Volunteers and Contributors to Help Our Scrammble Tournaments as Judges, Buzzer Controllers, and TV Show Assistants


    List of Sponsors and Contributors for 2008

    2007 and 2006 Scrammble Tournaments

    For more info Contact:

     What Is Scrammble?


    Scrammble game is a word game with math elements which have been successfully tested
    in several schools and libraries. It is a set of games that command players' interests
    and focus, offer learning opportunities in vocabulary, spelling and math operations
    and provide fun and excitement. Official Scrammble Tournament information is updated on this site. For more information on Scrammble Game and related games, you may visit Comparison with Scrabble


    Scrammble Games Invented by Dr. Ifay Chang - Patent Pending